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Teach Myself Computer Science

Teach Yourself Computer Science by Oz Nova and Myles Byrne is a guide for self-taught engineers or boot camp grads to learn computer science. The philosophy of the guide is that you don’t need plenty of resources; you just need the best book or video lecture series for each subject. Here is a track of my progress.


我所谓的“物理学四大教程系列”指的是:Leonard Susskind 的 The Theoretical Minimum,吴大猷的七册《理论物理》,Walter Greiner 的十四册 Theoretical Physics Series,以及 Landau 的十卷本 Course of Theoretical Physics。我计划通过“硬刚”这些课程和书籍以获得成为一名理论物理学家所需的必要知识。

Start Blogging

My original purpose of launching this blog was for note-taking.